Why Participate

Benefits of participating in UAE Global Management Challenge
“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

Doing the right things requires knowledge, understanding and experience. UAE Global Management Challenge is a competition with a difference – that offers a winning balance between hands-on learning based on a real life like simulation and the application of management and strategy development principles.

UAE Global Management Challenge is the largest strategy and management competition in the world. It utilises a well tried and tested management simulation software to provide a unique experience for the participants, allowing them to work as the management of a virtual company that operates in a competitive global market.

Just as a flight simulator is used to train pilots, UAE Global Management Challenge trains managers by providing them hands-on experience in managing a company. University students, young professionals and new and prospective entrepreneurs who want to upgrade and improve their business skills participate in the competition and learn how to challenge themselves to new heights of learning. Each individual becomes part of a 3 to 5 member team and acts as the senior management of the virtual company.

The beauty of UAE Global Management Challenge is that participants are transported into a global business environment where they have the opportunity to perform beyond the routine dimensions of management theory and practice that they may be accustomed to in their respective positions. As such, UAE Global Management Challenge offers the perfect synergy between knowledge, intelligence and the right experience. Join today to carve out a better tomorrow.