Role of Jury

UAE Global Management Challenge 2017/18 Edition 5 includes an independent Jury.

The key roles of the Jury are as follows –

  • To provide advice to the Competition participants and/or the Event Organizer in case of uncertainty regarding applicability of Rules, doubt and/or situations not covered in the Competition Rules.
  • To adjudicate on all issues, claims, disputes raised to them by the Competition participants and/or the Event Organizer. Such decisions shall be made in accordance with the Competition Rules. In case where Competition Rules do not cover the issue, claim or dispute, to apply a standard of fairness and reasonability in arriving at their judgment
  • At the conclusion of the UAE Final, to review the performance of the participating teams throughout the Competition and independently decide upon the teams selected for presentation of awards and special mention.
  • The decisions of the Jury on all matters, uncertainties and/or disputes relating to procedures and results concerning the Competition, ranking of teams, the award of prizes and any other matters related to the Competition shall be final, independent and irrevocable.