Competition Format

UAE Global Management Challenge consists of 5 stages:

  • Trial run opportunity – online competition – the trial run is played over a 2-week period in January (not shown in the following pictorial). At the conclusion of the trial run the competition is restarted. The aim of the trial run is to familiarize the participants with the competition without incurring penalties for sub-par decisions.
  • 1st Round – online competition – the first round marks the formal start of the competition. The registered teams are placed in groups comprising up to 8 teams per group. The teams in each group compete with each other. The first round is played over a 3-week period January/February and the winning team or teams in each group proceed to the 2nd Round.
  • 2nd Round – online competition – the second round is carried out over a 3 week period in February/March. The winning team in each Group proceeds to the UAE final.
  • UAE Final – onsite event, Dubai, UAE – the UAE final is played on a Saturday in March. The winning team of the UAE final proceeds to the international final.
  • International Final onsite event, Dubai, UAE – the international final is played over two days in April, followed by a gala dinner. The winning teams of each of the participating countries compete with each other. Every year the international final of Global Management Challenge is conducted in a different city of the world. The international final for 2017/2018 edition of Global Management Challenge will be held in Dubai, UAE in April 2018.