Participants in UAE Global Management Challenge 2017/2018 edition 5 will benefit from a number of awards and recognition opportunities.

In addition to the following awards, participating teams will be recognized on UAE Global Management Challenge website and will receive significant media coverage.

Personalized certificate for each participant (Note 5) Special mention Trophy Entry to International Final
Final Winning Team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Final Runner-up Team Yes Yes Yes
Final 3rd Place Team Yes Yes Yes
Final 4th to 8th place Teams Yes Yes

Jury Awards

Best performing Emirati Team Yes Yes Yes
2nd best performing Emirati Team Yes Yes Yes
All other teams Yes


  1. The awards will be presented at the UAE Final Awards Event in April 2018.
  2. The Jury will announce the award winners at the conclusion of the UAE Final. The decision of the Jury will be final.
  3. All teams where at least 3 out of 5 team members are Emiratis will be categorized as Emirati teams.
  4. Entry to International Final comprises participation in the International Final in Dubai, UAE in April 2018. The Event Organizer will arrange for the participation of the Final winning team in the International Final.
  5. UAE Global Management Challenge issues participation and achievement certificates to all participants for a nominal fee of AED 200 per certificate